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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

^* i am feeling: confused... basta magulo... *^
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balik aral ulit. bitbit t-square ulit. asul na tubo at iba pa...

i visited the site our NSTP facilitators told us. i was supposed to check on it yesterday, but my modem was a total bummer!! aww, enough of this... no school stuffs in my blog, please! >_<

hmm.......... mixed feelings starts to fill me. sometimes you just have to receive all the sadness without them knowing that you're actually into it. isn't it weird? one moment you're feeling proud, happy and all... and suddenly vanished and be replaced with more priceless negative one. i gone nuts whenever i hear soap icons saying "why did God let you feel the happiness if in a minute he'll ask you to give it back to him?" ? but then when you've come to realize it, it wasn't just a soap line... it's really happening.

some things would come unexpectedly. and then you can never just stop it from happening, until you'll end up seeing a repeated situation and so on. i sobbed into the fact that everything's changing. change... haven't i asked myself that before...

naranasan mo na ba yun? yung manahimik na lang at hayaang ikaw na lang at ikaw pa rin ang nakakaalam ng emotional sickness mo? Have you tried feeling that feeling of shutting out your mouth and just go forward--fine peace in another way? gusto mo tranquil lang yung moment... gusto mo para kang steady. period.

i wasn't good at fortune-telling; neither predicting the wind tomorrow or so... pero na-vision ko na to--na someday, all things would slow down, and life's getting easier like before. no challenge... just a non-stop fight without any thrill at all. no worries. easy life... na para bang ang lahat ng kailangan mo sa buhay sa isang hilaan lang, nasa yo na...

bakit ganon? kailangan ba ganon? kung nakukuha nga sa hirap ang lahat... bakit hindi... lahat ba mawawala? bakit ganon? parang pili lang ang mga taong kailangang sumaya. meron iba, ginugusto nalang mag-isa. naghihintay sa wala... nagdadalawang-isip sa tanong na pwedeng may magtapos at magsimula. ang kwentong kahit kailan walang tauhan at matibay na paghuhugutan.

ito ba ang nagagawa ng Air Supply 'Forever Love' greatest hits collection cd mo, zarah?

isosoli ko na...

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