Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hello, Dear Blog!

I was away for a while to cope up with some things that had been stressing me, both physically and emotionally for the past few weeks, and I missed just randomly blogging on what's up with my life and what had happened to me since my last post. I am also quite a few more days away from being officially celebrating my three decades of existence, hence, I decided... why not blog and release all these backlogs before that day happens?

A lot has happened. As in A LOT. They were both in a mix of surprise, ecstasy and even nostalgia and homesickness. For the past few months, I just kind of "lurked" around my social media accounts instead of being active and being frequently posting little junks of my life like I used to, because I had these moments where I just want to keep quiet and observe everything. I even had this mental note to deactivate some for a while. But then, in this world that we live in, social media is something that binds us and all our loved ones who are not with us. These could be the reminder for some (and for me) to reach out and talk to clear some air and pretty much talk about what's good with them. 

Right now, my now 4-person family are separated from one another. Mom is in Manila, Dad is somewhere in Amsterdam, I am here in Singapore and my brother went the farthest from us where we can't see him again. But mind you, through social media, through Facebook, we manage to talk and update each another, as well as to celebrate my brother's glorious days with some fun memories that we have kept through the years. The struggle of teaching your old folks on the technology is tough, sure. But the output of these were very rewarding when they call you or chat with you when they're "on-line", something that you might actually never think about of happening.

I'd try to be active here and there, and like I said, finish all my b-logs (or my back-logs) before the month ends.

Cheers and Peace!

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