Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Folks, I just turned three decades old. How time flies.

There was this family clan saying that if I were to turn 29, I have to tell people that do not know me that I am already 30, so to prevent any bad omen from happening.

They say, everything has to close because the number 0 is the closest number to God. Or whatever of some sort.

Not that I believe so much on that, nor I don't even know if it was a chinese tradition, but it won't hurt to at least follow. ... but ... I didn't. I can't lie to work, to friends, to original data. haha

We live in this modern world that we have to declare how old we are. LOL.

And so this year literally happened. I am 30 years old now. 

Not to mention, it was on my birthday that Albert and I decided to get married, and my birthday this time around marked our third Wedding Anniversary. 

yep! Happy Three years to us! ^_^

Since my birthday and our anniversary fall last Monday, we decided to celebrate the day with closest friends on a weekend instead. We just prepared a simple gathering with Filipino food. I have been prepping up since Friday last week with what to cook. 

Emman gave me these bouquet and Mary personally baked this very lovely cake for me!


and the crowd!

It was quite exhausting to entertain guests now that I have little pickle in my tummy, but nevertheless, the day went very fun and memorable.

Thanks, guys!

The actual day:

Albert filed a day off at work to be with little pickle and myself, and planned the day as simple as it could be. 


We had ramen lunch at the Michelin star recipient: Tsuta Ramen in Tai Seng.

While we're waiting for our next chow, (LOL), we planned to have some good nature quality time behind the gardens by the bay and had the first test flight of our newest toy, our anniversary gift, which is a DJI Spark drone. 

I'll be having a separate unboxing blog and review for that which I'll be doing in my future blog posts.

For our Anniversary dinner, Albert booked us to a dinner at CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands. As much as I wanted to do a simple dinner elsewhere, he said he wanted to try the steak there. The price was indeed expensive(!!!), but of course, we wouldn't be eating here on a frequent basis. (No, we absolutely can't!) In fact, who knows; this might be our first and last experience :D

the menu (to see what I was talking about. LOL)

(L-R): complimentary cheese bread and garlic sticks. yum!

(L-R): Albert ordered wine to complement his steak. While I cannot drink any alcoholic drinks at the moment, I just settled with a mocktail in a mixture of passionfruit, lime and mint leaves. It was refreshing!

(L-R): Appetizer which was a veal tongue with salsa verde and artichokes, arugula leaves; sauteed broccolini with chili sauce for our side dish

(L-R): My american wagyu steak, a variety of strong to light mustards. Albert's ribeye steak with truffle on top

When we were about to leave and pay the bill, I was given a surprise dessert for both my birthday and our anniversary. :)

Three years of this married life has been a blessing, now that we are a little family of three, and at the same time celebrating three decades of my living existence. Life's full of three's to me this year. Compared to last year, 2017 is giving my life a turnaround to new hope, gratefulness and inspiration to be a better person. 

I am just happy mom-to-be right now. ^_^


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