Back track on the game: One Piece: Pirate Warriors

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I never hid the fact that I am a fan of the Japanese manga One Piece. Because of work, stress and other factors that made procrastination to reign and do senseless things, I started to watch and kept myself up-to-date for a loooong duration. Imagine, from the time I blogged about this, it took me 2-3 months to finish more than 500 anime episodes. Tiring, but it was worth it. 

Anyway, we found this game related to the series called "One Piece: Pirate Warriors" (ワンピース 海賊無双 Wan Pīsu Kaizoku Musō) last year, released by Namco Bandai Games and playable in Playstation 3. According to the most common and reliable source of all time, this game was made as they celebrated their 15-year anniversary to all the related franchise and to its creator or mangaka (comic artist), Oda Eiichiro.

Basically, the gameplay is patterned to the storyline of the One Piece manga, as Monkey D. Luffy, the main character who possesses a Devil-fruit ability is set on an adventure to find the legendary treasure of the late Pirate King called One Piece. I would not elaborate so much on the details of the story since it just comprises on almost everything from the very beginning, however, the overall concept is to defeat all the enemy pirates per each "arc" or stage. It was interesting because you have to "defeat" (or clear the stage) all the enemies by using the character's abilities and skills. In the Adventure Mode case, you can only use Luffy's character since he is the main protagonist and act as a one-person fighting style.

The game is developed similar to the game Dynasty Warriors, a strategic or tactical video game that enables the player to finish one stage by finishing off a part of enemy's territory in the map and free them all from being invaded. In every Arc, there's the "mini boss" pirate and the "boss" pirate wherein you need to defeat in order to clear the stage.

If you know the anime too well, the first major pirate that Luffy and his comrades at that time engaged with was Buggy the Clown, so naturally he is the first Stage to clear. One of the highlights towards the final stage of this first installement was when the Straw Hat Pirates encountered their unexpected "disbandment" from Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma that led them to various places and progressed in a way that you can only use Luffy's character until to the first half of the Grand Line story. (meaning, until Portgas D. Ace's death from Akainu, aka the Battle of Marineford Arc).

After you have completed the Adventure Mode, you can now use other One Piece characters as your playable characters with the limitation of all the Straw Hat Pirates, Boa Hancock, Jinbei and Whitebeard and Ace only.

photo from the Namco Bandai website

My Assessment: I was happy to play this game --it made me feel that I was actually up close with doing the skills I see on the series. As a fan of the manga, I was excited to beat all the enemies and claim the victory. Imagine doing a 3D "Gomu Gomu no Rifle" to defeat all the Marines and enemy Pirates. It was cool and fun in a way. I've tried a multiplayer game with Albert to clear one stage from time to time too and it was indeed a great time to spend.

So far, as of December last year, the creators have announced that there would be a Sequel to be made, and comprises the missed arcs in the main storyline, and also to continue the half of the adventure as what the story is at present: the New World. 

For those readers who knew One Piece and who also love this type of game, you'll definitely love this and would even anticipate for the next installments to be released. :)

For additional information, you may go check other reviews from GAMEFAQSGamespot Asia, and even Namco Bandai Games website.

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