Saturday, August 13, 2011

My paper bag curls from last night's "sleeping-sacrifice" was 101% percent effective! Actually it did not only made it curly, it's too kinky! Probably because my hair is not yet too long or maybe that I sectioned my hair and twirled it in different motions haha. I tried to kinda "wet" some in order not to bounce that much and it is kinda so shape-y, that I may looked like a messed up onigiri. Haha. Anyway, I don't mind if I may not maintain the curlness all throughout the day because this is only just my first trial. I'm just so happy that after hours of sleeping uncomfortably with paper bag strips (but rollers are even worse) it came with very satisfactory results. ;)

More pictures!

So that's it! Off to work for now! Actually I am on the bus while writing and I am about to alight now. Happy Saturday everyone!

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