Seafood in curly pore strips

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Company Dinner held in Long Beach Seafood Resto was really nice, despite of me, chillin' my bones out seeing all the big, snappy claws of those raw, uncooked crabs inside the aquarium. But surely, I had a great time spending with them and I even found new facts to some of our colleagues that we did not really know of. Even though I have a minor fear of crabs, (as Spiders being my main phobia) I still somehow managed to maintain a reserved self and even got the nerve to eat chilli crab for the second time (the first being at the pre-nup celebration of my design partner, Rebecca) As always, the sauce was fantastic, a perfect match to the hot bun for you to dip. I firmly believe that crabs, when already cooked, are no longer a "threat" to me, instead, I will be their threat to it. Haha. Devour!!!

Yum Yum Yum!

Lucky enough, Boss' way going home will be a nearer route to my place. I went home as early as expected. Thanks for the dinner and for the ride, Boss. I always hope everyday would be your birthday. Hehehe.

When I get home, I took a bath since my hair got messed up with some chilli crab sauce (gross) and it smelled awful. While on the bath I thought of curling my hair using Michelle Phan's paper bag curls tutorial and this is how it looked like:

Really an effort! Haha! I just do hope it would turn out real nice curls tomorrow hehe. Also whilst I was folding our freshly washed clothes I tried to use the pore strips I bought last Thursday. Kinda nice also but it gives me this dizzy feeling because of its strong, aromatic smell.

Yes, it's black. And somehow it DID got my tiny whiteheads, dirt, and all the impurities that facial wash cannot do at a hundred percent. Well... Maybe I should also try Michelle's DIY pore strips tutorial... I just need some gelatin to create one. We'll see.

Gotta sleep for now! I had my dose of One Piece episode marathon for tonight and I have forgotten that I have work tomorrow lol. Glad that my menstrual cramps was gone the moment I munch on those crab legs. ...maybe that was the cure, eh?

Have a Good Weekend ahead! xoxo

Dang, Blogger+ app for iPhone 4 is so freakin' cool!!!

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