Sunday, August 21, 2011


If you must know, my "personal quote" have won over my ideals these past few days. I never thought that some things happened as if it was done out of plain make-believe. I always believe that not all days are happy days, so are the lonely days. And yes, shit happens. Face it.

Can't help but to feel frustrated especially when all your motives were as clear as a teardrop. I thought I have already tried to collect everything that I need, in order for me not to feel again this heart-wrenching feeling. But then again as I have said, these past few days, I think I was wrong. It was like, a "sweet" nightmare is trying to haunt me down... Yeah. Right. True enough. So true that it's sour to swallow. And I am not liking this.

But look at the bright side. I am still here, still taking on to the possibilities that this may be really a "dream". I am even more determined to know what my jumbled reveries is trying to decipher... but one thing's for sure... I have to cease the fire. Let this feeling ebb away. Still, I only know one thing and for me it's so damn real...

I love you, my nakama.

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