Majulah Singapura x Disappointment

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

We didn't do anything special for today, except that we just bum around and get lots of rest, whilst the others went out to celebrate Singapore's 46th National Holiday.

I couldn't get anymore frustrated with the events that might have happened today. It is also our 67th month anniversary... If only Albert is not on-call for work, we could have gone out somewhere. sheesh.

What I am actually looking forward for today is the chance of meeting my dad before he goes off to Slovenia.. He left in the Philippines a while ago to stop here and take his connecting flight to Istanbul, then another flight to Koper, Slovenia. But then again, what made him hold back is that, he feared he might walk too long just to get out for at least a good two and a half hours just to meet me...

At that time I realized what more can be better when you see him. I truly missed my dad, I truly missed everyone in Pinas. Just the thought of him 10 minutes away from where I am, thrills me. I cannot get over with the fact that I let this day off not seeing him. I was all excited on facebook and twitter, but because it ended like this, I feel very sad and frustrated.

The chance of meeting Papa slipped away just like that. I just do hope that by eating iced cream, I would feel better.

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