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Sunday, August 07, 2011

So... I have been remodeling my blog for some time now, putting interesting backgrounds and experimenting styles in it. I am just concerned as to how can I incorporate some of the things that I want to be visible in my main page. With some researching I hope I could get my complete renovation on the coming holiday, which is the 9th of August.

The Masterchef Season 2 Finale has gotten my attention the whole weekend, and what I love about the whole show is that it boils down to the two very talented competitors which I love for all of their awesome techniques in cooking. As I am typing this blog down, I am as well reading the blog of Season 2's crowned Masterchef, Adam Liaw, and so with his runner-up, Callum Hann. You may check their respective blogs: This link for Adam , and this link for Callum. Awesome find.

I just do hope I can fix this blog so I won't be bothering someone else's attention again. hehehehe.


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