Monday, October 20, 2008

i feel so blessed this sunday night.

a while ago, i went to the last mass at the Imma cathedral with my friend kendiff. i was thinking if i'll then proceed to japan home at farmers to buy stuff but then i changed my mind. cubao yale and arayat jeeps were passing on me and finally, i decided to simply go home and do the thing tomorrow. we said goodbyes and i rode the arayat jeep in front of me....

when my ride passed seattle street, the jeep we were following at stopped at corner brooklyn. so shempre we slowed down as well and as i've observed, two men were rushing down that jeep as if they were passengers in a hurry and ran, heading to the long, not-so-lighted brooklyn street on the left.. after a while, we saw a lady stepped down the vehicle and was crying in despair while muttering in between tears,

"tulungan nyo ko,"--in between muffles-- "na-hold-up po ako...---ng mga mamang yon...!!!"

we, the passengers at our jeep were shocked as we stared afar to those two men. the driver of the first jeep left his seat and was hoping to catch a glimpse, just even the direction of those culprits, but in a blink, they were already gone.

our driver passed that jeep away because there are some commotions that was already starting to happen, plus he has his duties to do to send us on our account rin naman... alangan namang umusi pa sya diba. but our thoughts were still on that poor lady, or may be i was the only one thinking still... my thoughts were still on the bright lights in red: stopped, shocked and heavily sighing... because if i hadn't let that first jeep pass on me while i'm done thikning not to go farther anymore, i could have ridden that one... or worse comes to worst , i could've been that one in big bad time.

the consolation there is, nothing happened bad to the girl.
God is great. the luck's on me na rin. :)

take care guys, anywhere, anytime, with all the people around, especially to my fellow commuters out there. these situations doesn't choose a time, a place, as long as you have the "spark" or the magnet to get jinxed. plus, you don't know if your life is going to be spared for.

Good Night.

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