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Monday, July 23, 2007

and so the sleeping beauty is back on her senses, readying herslf for another arkitorture!

as it was stated by some of my arki friends, our design first major plate, which is a competition plate, was indeed, definitely, at last--over. i left all my grudges and sentiments up until the very last night of hardwork due to some issues i created, for me not being the professional one, and for being so OA and emotional [haha, wala na kong grudge pramis]. and yeah, as i was saying, i have forgotten it because nothing was to forgive about, and i just have this mindset of to just finish it and get the hell out of the circulation. hahahaha

i was like zombie for the last couple of days--whether you like it or not, i like calling myself one. the last thing i knew was that i have this kind of adrenaline rush heading to jomar's to buy a clip to bind all our boards and done, it was a relief seeing the plate being away from my shoulders.

i would solemnly like to thank, of course my partner, darryl, who have been pressured my life all the weeks we've been counting the labor and stuff. thanks for believing in me in the very last minute of stress... for making me feel i still have a purpose and thanks pare, for teaching me nwe techniques, and new styles. waw mehn.

i hope you would thank me for making you prove that this project is really for two brains, not for one only. lol

enough of the grudges haha, let's move on:

i have no time for killing time, especially for drowning myself down and the like, so instead when i got home i aboslutely never gone to reach my bed. ang tindi. i switched places that are comfy, until the sofa saves my desire to sleep. weee. madness as it you may call, but i was there for around 8am until my body decided to hibernate to my own bed.up to 1pm.

and then albert came by 2pm, brought something to eat for lunch! then had a short quality time, an hour to go to mass and then went to gateway to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. the movie was great, though i felt there are a lot of missed storyplots as it was in the book. its as if the adventure you had inside hogwarts was shortened. and i must say, the kissing scene of harry and cho chang was longer than anything of the fight scenes haha. just joking. i heart Evanna Lynch though, who portray as Luna Lovegood. she was cute! i also like her calm, small and slow voice hehe. hehe, albert is the first blessed dude to be given a treat. hehehe.

[photo above] Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

so ayun! ang saya na talaga! our D7 prof texted me to tell na wala muna kaming class for today! weee pre-birthday gift! hahahaha!


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