Friday, July 20, 2007

i really missed those days what me and this cousin of mine are, before certain special things dramatically drift us apart. naks. we had this super closeness before [kahit naman ngayon, hindi lang showy]... and as you can see, emo na emo pa ang aming look o? ahahaha.

maybe you'll ask me what makes us butt out each other's lives... there was a time in the past that he really HAS to settle to his own private, discreet side of life, with me locking in the hideout of emotions which both of us created. he had his love, at that time i don't have it yet, and his world totally changed, with me again, being left behind. i am not saying that he is this kind of person that leaves comrades like the flush-toilet-after-disposal way. its just that things get tougher and reasoning gets thinner. i could remember that i didn't gave up on him. until i get my own life like his. and since then we really experienced major lose of communication.

enough said! let's leave the bitter past! haha lets get moving on with the real topic.

well, you ask me why i suddenly brought this up? la lang, i just got the guts of buzzing him kanina at the y!m, and ayun, i told him my sentiments of mine at the moment and as always, he let me do my thing. he also shared some of his insights, and i could say he got mature now. i am so happy! like i wanted to tease him "ikaw ba talaga tong nakikipagchat sakin?" he really is superb.

i can't help to sob. even though there are instances that i ignored him coz i despised him for what he did with his relationship to our relatives, there still has this feeling of automatic approach. i love him cos in our clan, he is the closest person in my generation whom ive got, whom i can confide my problems, who can laugh and join my side trips.. i remember the days he would listen to my nonsense problems, and heaven of heavens! he would just give me a weird explanation that could make me drive insane. and then we'll laugh at the output. so little thoughts, so big self-uplifting actions.

i wish we could hang out again, us now being wackier, happier and closer... man. i really felt i am in deep shit nostalgia talaga hahaha.. thanks for your time kanina, bro!

i missed you, denis!

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