hahahaha, help me

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i won't say anything, just wanted to need your help. these are the phones that i heart at the moment. hehehehe.

 this one is the
Nokia 3250. as you could see you can switch the lower part depending on your purpose. haha cool huh...

 this one is the SE W710i. the only clamshell phone that i got in my list. hehehe. pwede na sa budget! honestly, this has been what i wanted ever since those two phones below ever arrived. haha.

other phone selections [na mejo maluho pa talaga... hahaha]

N 6300... formal-looking, sophisticated, thin! saya! d ko lang alam kung 3G na to. pero i dont care naman. hehehehe. i like the flat wide screen, and the keypad is nice. whoa..

lastly, the SE K800i makes me wanna crave in for more! for a photo lover like me, this phone is the best! hahaha... ming, ito ata ang phone mo no? i heart it! 3.2 megapix? san ka pa!

well anyway, gusto ko lang naman yung swak sa budget. tamang naglevel up lang ang telepono into something that i can call "modern". hehehe. basta makatawag, matatext [ nang may over 160 chars naman] at tamang colored with cam of any resolution, ok na! nilulubos ko lang naman ang pamimili. hahahaha! malay mo! malay ko lang. hehe. pero pag phone, phone! pag player, player! pag cam, cam!

sabi ko nga kay tintin e, "kapag gadget, gadget lang!" =))

wanna also look phones on your own? go visit http://www.gsmarena.com

ano na? nu kaya maganda? hehe

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