politics slash the PREX.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

i forgive you, ex-prex...

still, i want to decline. haha, bitter.

though all of it happened quickly, still i wanted to remain to my old self, of not being reminded to me my future responsibilities. but then its an honor to be supported by the young family i have been with for the past three years; the family, through thick and thin in the field of the profession we never know and sure what is in store for us, for thinking that i can. that i have the so-called power a leader has.

i wanted to learn more. let's help each other. help me guys get through. you wanted me, so keep me a helping hand as well. thank you.

i'll do my best!

"walang arkitektong hindi nagkakasakit, gaya ng walang doktor na maganda magsulat."

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