Saturday, June 02, 2007

why am i so lazy to blog?

what a lazy-bummy summer...

i've tried experimenting colors for my nw layout... i dunno for how many months i am trying to endure this new one. i've tried black. why not? the least thing i wanna do is to have black as my layout. anyway let's see on that.

later this morning we (me and you. yes!) will go at the La Mesa Ecopark. i just hope this will be totally fun.

i'm kinda hating myself lately. for those people who get involved in my sanity, i am very sorry....

hayan, balik blogging na ulit ako! more to come, more to come...

"do you know why so many marriages do not last? the answer... because at the wedding, the bride doesn't marry the best man." (a text quote)

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