brain freeze

Monday, June 18, 2007

ewan ko ba...

it was a really nice papa's day experience. i texted my dad last night (but technically last saturday) my greetings for his special occasion. he never replied to me though but i hope he got my message!

i miss you and i love you so much! happy father's day papa!

and so on to the other news...

i was (and i admit) quite disappointed that albert already watched Fantastic 4 with his colleagues-slash-friends that's why i guess i brought it up even in the church. my temper these past few days got thinner and thinner due to my (is it, really? do u believe on such?) PMS and some big shocking happenings-slash-the new twists of my life. so then, even before the mass is about to start, i still felt that desire of me wanting US to have an argument (ang arte ko talaga.) but it's not right to fight over just petty things, and besides the mass started already.

if it wasn't i am so eager to tame myself, he wouldn't change his mood... i could tell because i just simply know. the mass ended, and so do we, having a good time again.

we landed first on our home and kill an hour before going to the mall. i bought a book (yaaaaa nerd! haha) on our Logic subject and some other stuff (like yellow pad, etc)... i forgot the book i wanted to buy for AS1 though... i'll just ask marynor about it. next sunday i am trying to buy naman the book we are needing for our Law subject... i just wished albert's still available to accompany me.

after that we tried consulting to the optical shop for my new pair of glasses. the last one was broken because of my brother. (damn... anyway he had to compensate for it). then after that i treated myself and him jolly frost blends... hahaha. sarap! and it doesn't end there. we also went after that on 7-11 and he treated us a slurpee! ang saya-saya!

and i have to tell you, man... i had two straight brain freeze encounters a while ago, consecutively. hahahaha. i love yoooooou! ^__^

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