big brother shit shit

Monday, June 18, 2007

i suddenly got irritated to that show. well maybe because that's the only thing i got to watch after the evening classes in school. what on earth big brother was trying to do? if the answer is going to be because its time for the viewers to see the real colors of the ones left, then kuya succeeded.

look who's plastic... that wendy really got my nerves. i totally despise her and bruce because what i am seeing as i watch the entire show was only them, getting much more attention of their kaka pa-tweetums and excess PDA. i could almost think and imagine she would tell me "kung ayaw mo kami panooring naglalandian, then don't and just shut off your f*cking tv!" with her huge face raging in front of me with matching saksak pa ng index finger sa tv screen. kawawa talaga yung mga may home entertainment sa bahay. it's really an eyesore.

i still keep on suspecting nelly boy is a gay. and for gee-ann, i guess she cried a lot that it turns out to be really, overreacting. but then, all of them must know always that this isn't as different as the other popularity and money game shows ever invented. it IS still part of the competition... and to betray, to lie and even to back stab your housemate is just one of the strategies, well, of course... to win.

i don't know if i'm still going to watch it. after all, i want to see each of them fighting so hard that in the end, no one will deserve to be the big winner.

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