see you soon :)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

hi there! a couple of hours from now i will leave the metro to explore spanish-inspired houses and the ambiance in the Ilocos region for three days. to tell you the truth i fear that i might not wake up as time as expected for us to be complete. that is why i am suggesting myself to an awake-all-night-long strike... but i can't.

i am getting dizzy. whoa.

too bad the ratio of those who will not be coming is quite noticeable. about seven or more in the block isn't coming. hay...

i can't bring my notebook because its heavy and i fear the thinking that it might just get lost or something. i just have to leave it. its for the better. i just hope my design groupmates won't scold me...

so, til then! i must say this has also been my last entry for the month. wish me luck guys! i'll be back blabbin' on sunday, with me bringing you lots of pix pix and pix! yebah.

and by that time comes, the happiness will be definitely, totally over. >_<

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