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Friday, December 08, 2006

for the record: up until now i still haven't indulged myself fully on doing our first major plate in design. i really felt bad on acting this way because we got a very nice and patient professor... tomorrow will be our free consultation regarding our floor plans and yet i am still confused on to where will i position my rooms and others. well, im still doing it on pencil though... but still, in a minute or so i am changing my mind, making my work a mess... maybe or maybe not, will i consult to her.

yesterday i have made albert to sing for me not only a few lines but the whole song. i was so happy and surprised at the same time, thinking that he isn't the type of person who shows off a lot of his emotions. hehehe. but yesterday it was different. it was my first to see him contacting me in the eye (though i don't know if its a gag or not, but i don't think it is) telling me those lines with the right tunes. i told him he wasn't that bad at singing but i guess its just up to believe in me... and for himself as well. ^__^ thanks again for the chance and the "chance". haha. lol XD

a while ago as if he and i went train tripping. yes, we have ridden 3 trains on a day. hahaha! a while ago was also i experience to slip and almost fall on th edge of a disabled ramp near the city hall. it was so embarrassing, so much that i couldn't accept why some people did that way. but i eventually accepted it and just mind the things in store for me in the next hours to come.

daryl had her post-celebration, with us whom she invited, along with her bf giov, mapuan friends marian, kalai, emman and us. she treated us at the Yellow Cab in mall of asia and afterwards we saw half of the fireworks. it was so lovely. daryl said there is a fireworks display every friday and saturday of the week.

after that we went to timezone to play, play and play. we accumulated points in playing, that eventually have us the chance to change those points into yellow-smiley keychains all of us have right now. again, to Eng'r Jimenez, thank you so much! hehehehe. good luck on your first day job! Kampai!

and also to carlo, wherever you are right now, Happy Birthday!

hay! that's it for now.. im going back to work. happy hell weekend to everybody!

tomorrow is a happy day! weeeeeee!

a proposed conversation in nihonggo:

o_O: oi.
=3: ...eh?
o_O: ano... daijoubu ka?
=3: ... hai. watashi wa genki desu.
o_O: ah... yougata...
=3: doshite?
o_O: iie, betsu ni.
=3: honto ni?
o_O: hai. honto desu.
(=3 saw fireworks)
=3: waaaa! mite! mite!
(o_O looked in to the direction of the fireworks)
o_O: sugoi!! ne?
=3: hai! zettai! sugoi sugoi!!!
(after a few minutes)

o_O: ano...
=3: um? nani?
o_O: hapi anibasari... daisuki desu. (kissed her forehead)
=3: (smiles and kissed his cheek) hai. aishiteru yo...


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