lyca's bday + one word: wow

Monday, December 04, 2006

it all started with a gag. her name was derived and enhanced from a piano brand called "Lyric Piano". ironically, her nickname was "Pachuchay", a certain but phenomenal Juday soap character in that year. but hey, when she came into our lives, our family business did have so much luck. and the rest was history.

i am so fond with the name, cos i was one behind the formulation of it. i even named my ragnarok character in Thor in that.

i am happy this day went fine, and as you see in the pic, she got tired dancing and hopping and hugging all the persons she wants, especially my significant other. man, if you only see her when she saw me and albert approaching, its as if she had the biggest present of her entire four years of existence. she was claiming that she's IN-LOVE... madly...

what a brat! anyway, happy 4th birthday again, Lyrica Fiona!

yes peeps, she's only four years old.


hoping to reach National Bookstore Superbranch in Cubao with albert to find that book our TOA prof was saying, unluckily we were finding ourselves walking and killing time, walking. walking, past 8 in the evening. The store has closed when we have no choice but to leave our luck for tomorrow. on our way back to the train station (he rides MRT as his way to go home after lyca's bday) we haven't noticed we were passing at the bright lights of araneta streets, the Gateway mall landscape beside the parking, like you wanted to tell it yourself, "boy, the night's so perfect!" he told me that he liked the feeling. i don't know what was that feeling he's saying. hahaha!

Christmas songs were playing in Araneta circle. even before we reached Araneta's giant Christmas tree, we saw angel aquino, iya villania and cheska garcia having their taping on a show on studio 23 (i forgot the title!! but its a lifestyle show). they're beside the araneta colliseum, near Go nuts. i was soo fond on looking at cheska, cos she's so cute! angel's one of a sexy mom! and iya-- i like her dress! it so fits on her.

back on the strolling... yes, more on the strolling... and finally we passed on the giant christmas tree. it was so bright that i have actually thought that, wtf, it was my first time being underneath it, after it was changed two years ago. but hey really-- it was my first time!

and underneath that christmas tree is a thing that it is not for you to know.

i heard those three words again, and i felt i wished i was a snowwoman hugging my snowman in delight, for us to melt in each other's arms...

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