settled. YATTA!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


i haven't noticed, this is already my 216th post. gee..

it is really hard for a person to pretend that eventually his/her relationship with someone whom he/she only sees as a friend could turn out into something more... it is hard to fight back the feelings rising, the excitement whenever he/she's around, even the longing of your phone to beep whenever he/she sends a message. i have been into that situation before, a one-sided love hoping to be responded by somebody i like, hoping that someday the world would rotate to my own luck.

but today it was a different kind of story.

i know its hard to ignore the feeling, but somebody did it for me. but then i felt bad for ignoring also the whole me, as if i have a disease. but now i understand why he has to do it. but as you see, there are some things that isn't permitted, even if you push for it. so i say... thanks for seeing me at the other light. i really appreciated it.

thanks also to miss jimenez for tonight. naks!

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