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Monday, November 20, 2006

because Travel & Leisure magazines were like sold out in cubao, i decided to go to greenbelt to find one. luckily my friend rayjohn was in search of Team Manila shirts in powerplant... and the rest was history...

as it was said on my title entry, we first went to rockwell to look for the shirt rayjohn was craving at. he got so overwhelmed that he actually didn't buy it! we hired a taxi to get into greenbelt but unfortunately we haven't found any bookstore nearby to see any magazine. i suddenly thought of Goodwill bookstore at Glorietta. so after Greenbelt we went through the overpass, passed the Landmark exit and enter Glorietta. still no trace of that... uh mag until we saw national bookstore having one. Jeezzus.

after buying and accomplishing my goal, we went on window shopping. still wanted to buy a shirt for his own, rayjohn brought me to different boutiques. i really got almost crazy! now i believe not all women are shopaholics! guys like my friend here really drives me and fills pain in my feet. hahaha.

i don't have any single plans on buying anything but one thing made me buy one is a leather-type spiral ring that costs me err... (i don't wanna tell because for me its too expensive for a ring!) bucks. hehe. but as we move along i started to appreciate and erase the regret in my mind and finally accept the fact that i actually like it. as rayjohn's motto said, "hindi mo naman yan bibilhin kung hindi mo gusto, diba?" rock on dude!

there. at last after 2 hours of strolling and searching for his "soulmate", rayjohn finally settled down on a choco brown polo he saw on Solo. and because last saturday he treated me at the gateway mall, a while ago i owe him a treat so i treated him at kenny rogers at G2. we even saw an ex-blockmate of mine with her elders. nah... she's quite an eyesore for me. and so with him. guess who...

after eating by past nine already, i bought an errand from my mom as rayjohn was getting our tickets to MRT and then went home... man, it was really a tiring day but i enjoyed it. it has been ? years since we have gone out finding nothing. hahaha! hey! at least i have found one, eh?

i'm going to bed now.

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