pRO comeback.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i just got ended playing pRO again. it was quite fun, being me, going all back to basics... the bad point there though is that you are as weak as a Willow. hehehe. (willow naman kesa poring!)

also, because i am down to zero, i don't even have money to buy arrows. yep, my 1st character is an archer. and i hope before the x3 exp ends i am 60-70% no weak at all. haha. in my dreams.

i just got so damned by someone. and the internet's a whole bum... if it wasn't for it then maybe i am in the lvel of 20's now. forgive me i am just too slow...

playing in Thor is half fun, and irritating. i assure you that.

i am even planning to rent tomorrow even for at least 2 hours. haha. goodluck.

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