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Sunday, September 10, 2006

astig, the ever-active SDT (Salinggawi Dance Troupe) did it again--five times in a row!! go uste!! yeah!!

i recorded the replay of it! and UP and FEU as well! if you want to have a copy just ask me :) but i am not assuring you that it is 100% good, kasi ngawit na ngawit na ko! hehehehe! i just used the diggie and be freaking froze til its done!

i am glad i bought two architectural books a while ago! i am so happy! finally i bought sir banister fletcher's HOA! hahahaha! for only phP 1,595.00! a discount! i also bought (at last!) the time saver's building types!

and in that i wanted to thank my mama and papa! thanks so much!! mwah!

i didn't watch in araneta. (about that uaap cheering comp) a bit ironical thought, knowing that i lived just beside the big dome... i went to a place where i've never been to, saw it and ended up feeling so good to be awakened by a gentle not-so-usual contact. it was mid-heaven!

i just felt guilty though, i felt i just went there to enjoy that way instead of the business part. i still apologize. but anyway, i would still do my part, and i hope i could help a little.

but i want you to know, i would never forget it. ever.

still, it will happen at the right time.
still, i admit i want it even more.

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