Tuesday, May 30, 2006

letters from Kim Eun Joo (Jun Ji Hyun, from the movie il mare)

"I thought love meant eternal bliss..."
(well, not always...)

"We're tormented because love goes on, not because it goes away..."

"There are three things that cannot be hidden: Cough, Poverty and Love. As you try to hide harder and harder, those three appear even more clearly... But sometimes you really want to hide it, right? Then, I just cry. When my head gets empty, I cry again. To love someone or something makes pain on one's heart by oneself."
(so true...)

"There are so many different ways to express love, but underneath of all of those ways I believe there is only one love. It's been delivered a little late..."
(yeah. most situations are like this.)

"...even if I admonish myself not to think this way, but when people get closer to each other, they expect more from each other. I know, but... ...the ones I miss are so far away from me."
(another really-truly.)

i felt i was just like going with the flow of life like everybody else. i couldn't determine why i am feeling like this. something's missing... or even someone, it was like fading without me noticing it. or maybe i was just inflicted with that movie i have just watched. sometimes i wonder why it wouldn't turn this thing to be this one, and that and so... what would i do, blogger? i tend to be insensitive at times so that i may feel nothing. i wanted to become numb and just act like everybody... funny but i think some things were right. you tend to become happy and then one time it would take away from you. the more you are happy, it would be altered by its equivalent sadness. is that true? so true that i myself have proved that already.

then i wanted to fade, i wanted to sleep all day, i wanted to be on-line always, but that can't be... i can't afford broadband connections, you see. then i wanted to watch more and more animès replaying same episodes of the day. then i would not even care to myself finally, eat and eat and eat until i got stuffed with so much egg cracklets mom and i bought yesterday. and then you would drown yourself with so much music of different genres... trance, techno, easy listening... a little of new wave and more of manila sound... this is me for the past ten days being idle in our house. i hate doing nothing... but i can't help being lazy... and being crazy thinking of someone all day... all night. and all you can have for the rest of the day is... silence. yet you still smile and say two letters in which you have quite meant always.


since my old headset has been broken, i asked mom to buy a new one for me. thanks mom...

bored... super bored.

these would eventually happen to you too if you are terribly missing someone special to you.

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