IL MARE + banana cake part 2

Sunday, May 28, 2006

a must-see movie!

everything was right about this movie. Il Mare... a korean melodrama movie that would surely touch your hearts and would made you feel the distance between two individuals who may or may not get the chance of meeting because of their time gap. no, it's not your typical "moments of love" by dingdong and iza alright? in fact, this powerhouse cast: keannu reeves' and sandra bullock's upcoming movie, "the lake house" is a re-make of this thingy. nothing beats this movie i swear! here, would like to share what i have found in the net. one of the
reviews (the best i could ever have) of il mare. he/she clearly explains all of it! i really liked the way he/she narrates it, well, as what he/she said in his/her entry. thanks to lilli mae i got the chance of watching it in their house yesterday. thanks thanks!

here! another good il mare review also!

though "the lake house" is only a re-make, i would still watch for it. after all, its keannu and sandra. why not? maybe i could tell which one's a hit. but still, nothing beats il mare. (giggles)

i was still mesmerized by its ending though... really.

the stars were Jun Ji-hyun, the girl from the movie "My Sassy Girl" and Lee Jung-jae.

a while ago we went to church in baclaran. after that i asked mom to buy me few pairs of maroon pants for school. in baclaran you could get good stuffs at cheaper prices. well, everybody knows that. i just wish it would last fo ra very long time, you know.

after that, brother told me to bake again... a banana cake.


i was sooo glad at the presentation that i can't help but to get the digicam and have a better shot on it! hahahaha! it was my second time baking one. the first one isn't good (its not as golden brown as this), though albert told me it was good. this one has no raisins. the other two trays have.

presenting!.... (drumroll naman dyan!) the baker herself! (mwahahaha!)

pwede! kina-carreer ko na to! shift na ko? hahahaha! lolololol.


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