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Saturday, April 01, 2006

what's up? i guess this must be (again), my old and boring summer days... haha.. how i wish they could schedule the family reunion, hopefully by the end of the month or in may... haha, my brother asked me if i wanna come with him at their company's outing by the 8th! wakokoko! pool's not bad though... pero sana beach!

beach beach beach!

oh anyway, this is the stuff that i am into now... like what i said in my previous entry i wanted to go back to my nerdic self, and so i started it in doing such this. Tankas...


Weeping as I walked
Sneeking into the full moon
My lone thoughts have flown
Wishing that the moon could talk
Blame me for the things I did

Cold breeze starts to blow
Tangled my hair; freed my soul
One thing I can't hide
I may soon to understand
Ebb the pain and hurt inside

Why did I push through
If I don't want to be hurt?
All my dreams were gone
That all I can do is weep
And then I'll go back to sleep

hehe... my first time. lolx.

Happy April Fools' Day! Ü

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