Saturday, January 28, 2006

i would like to thank beng for today's food trip and for hanging out with me at the RP...

la lang, we did sweating our shirts not because of our basketball practical exams but because of missing our used-to-be addiction on arcades! buset na pe yan... pinerahan na naman kami! ampf.. hell... anyway, natapos ko ulit yung x-men versus street fighter! with akuma and storm as my tandem! hahaha! true blue arcade addict ba? eh ano ngayon? beating apocalypse with storm's "typhoon!" technique would surely give me a wacking super-grinning victory! mwahahahahaha!! hehehehe... too bad i got tired playing rival schools in the third round. kaya dedo... tas nun ang umaatikabong food trip! plato wraps!! so the hell what kung naka pe uniform pa rin kami? me pera naman kami to eat and to spend it for food ulit! haha, takaw.

while we're walking i suddenly remembered timmy's gig at CSB in the afternoon... i kinda 'promised' him to come, but then i want you to know the full reason, tim.. i'm sorry timmy, if i didn't make to watch your gig... really sorry... isa pa, la na ko pera... beng would sure do have but the problem is (and kahit ako!), you never formally invited us! si marlon lang, remembaar?? so i guess that explains it... anyway, we did thought of coming though... we almost did!! talaga!!but stilll .... T_T...

i hope you did well nalang... kakanis.. i really wanted to see you perform on stage! classmate's moral support isn't bad though! and i hope u got my message! rock on! (and thanks marlon for answering back my text message.)

too bad the free concert that was supposed to be held in the ust grounds was postponed... so ngayon, i dunno if im going to watch it next week... they said it will be next week na lang... hay. pano, i need to be early on class every saturday... or else i might get the chance of dancing that 'darna' thing in class! ayoko nga! grrr...

oh, marynor, eyns and i decided to come to school tomorrow in researching for that BT subject. we are assigned, along with anton and michelle in the windows dept.

aeRo muna! hahaha!

i am happy and i absolutely know why. i extend again my deepest thanks to my... hmm... err---aww, to him! for the polvoron--my newest addiction! and for the late talks we always had... wo han ai ni!

thanks again beng, for that mandarin line. u rock pare!

and for you my dear reader? shut up and read like you always do.

** i would like to add:

beng was smiling all day...!! (im so evil to even inject this thoughts of mine!) as if she would curve her mouth in any minute before i could blink--and this is HILARIOUS!! and just don't you dare find the truth! coz only geran and i knew the reason! hahaha! ...


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