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Thursday, December 08, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: wala. wala na akong feeling. ] ]
[ [ u t a :: Cinderella ~Stagecrew ] ]

hmm... so then. my tremendous HOA sleepless nights were over. astig sila beng, tapos na sa reporting... they would not mind it ever again til the sem ends... eh kame... sa feb pa... how lucky are them...

so ayun nga, i've already passed my HOA plates that was dued last tuesday (dec 6) na i thought i could have done 4 plates out of five. buti nalang kahit ngarag, nginarag ko na talaga ng tuluyan. I did three abbeys: two last monday and the other was just on that day. isang cathedral sa italy and the leaning tower of pisa as well... grabe... ewan ko kung lakas arki parin tong nararamdaman ko... basta it ended fine but worn out, really. ang tikas ko pa nun a, monday night nagchichikahan pa kami ni denis sa phone. haha... muka na kong mangkukulam talaga.. gee... paklayp.

after the lecture of my three amigas (Mn, eyns and beng) gave, mams, ge, beng, kring and i went to mini stop p. noval to buy meryenda... (pero ang totoo kinukumpleto nila geran ung sanrio hahaha) <--mga bakla. after that, we went back to our hyperactive class i've never seen before... bouncing and hooting like there's no tomorrow. hahaha. akala pa nga namin prof asuncion would never come. balak na namin i-boycott un. hahaha.

and then before our prof came, i had found out just yesterday something really heartbraking.. pero hindi sa heart ko ah... but then, i feel sad for beng in a way. oo... ssshhh quiet ako. haha. sa mga curious: save your imagination man.

i went home feeling super exhausted, and yet pinagpilitan ko ang sarili kong manood pa rin ng amazing twins... weeeee wala kang pakelam pare... after that i didn't know what happened. i slept...


paggising ko, around (4am) damn i got several text messages of same people, and same content. pero isa yung kinagulat ko... i was assigned to manage out org booth today... pero. ta-daa... supposed to be nalang bigla. i had a major stomach ache i don't know why... mom suspected that kasi hindi ako nagdinner... whoa. ganun? pero, hell, it was really life-taking. sana hindi na maulit. mahal ko ang buhay ko syet.

i told myself to go to school pa rin kahit na ganun... i tried to sleep once more, pero nung paggising ko, its almost 8 na! too late! and then it started to groan once again! sabi ko, ayoko na... nakakahiya man pero i told my superior to let me this day off... tutal hindi lang naman ako ang staffer na nagkalat sa tabi2... kaso, i still feel awful. hay.

when i got better, mom asked me if i could accompany her to her check-up... cge kaya ko to, i told myself... and got myself up. she had her checked up, i ate kariman (binili ko sa ministop nearby the hosp.) and then i suddenly remembered kenji. (nasa World Citi na kase sya ngayon, eh sakto sa hospital na din yun si mama me check ups) up until now i still can't believe what i am hearing. at hanggang ngayon i'm still gathering some updates from whoever i could. and then after nun i told mom if we could by a pair of sneakers for me... wala lang... maybe she's in the mood, or she wanted to buy a new pair of sandals too... (na bumili nga :)) ) besides, we're both hungry too... (ako ulit gutom, after ng isang kariman!!) so ayun...

we ate heavy lunch at the gateway mall food court, then after that we went to sm cubao for those things... mom got an anonymous call while we're going there, and i found out that it was my uncle, asking her the year when my aunt started living in quezon city, etc etc blah blah... then ayun. i was so jubilant a while ago that i even bought two cds sa record bar: Halina sa Parokya of PNE and Dramachine of sugarfree. hahaha!

syempre i went home, exhausted. lagi naman e... yun.

awwww.... can anybody please tell me what's up with kenji now??? i'm tired of this kind of stuff.... T_T

i, soon will vanish... and before you'll notice me, i'm on my way out.

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