december 28th + my tooth still aches...

Monday, December 26, 2005

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sa wakas!

just at this moment, our guild in pRO-- Catz, decided to have an EB (egg bacon! haha!) sa powerplant at the 28th of this month. that composes of carlo, albert, emman (hopefully), paolo, shyla and me... (d pa natatanong si daryl....) hehe.... i am looking forward to meet pao, shy and dar! sana makita ko na sila!

Christmas nonsense pahabol....

yeah... my christmas afternoon was sooo good to experience. mom attended the house blessing of the balikbayans from U.S., where as my big bro went shopping all by himself. that left me in my room, reading my paperback and still mending myself to this annoying toothache i had. what a wonderful christmas gift...

by 7pm, as they have all arrived from their businesses, my nephew jowie invited me to watch a movie at the gateway mall in araneta. i tugged along ate tin to join. and in the end we hadn't watched any single movie. hahaha.... so, we just got paid our delight to our ice monster mudslide ice... haha. that's all!

a happy christmas to everyone!! ^__^

dad will going to arrive later at noontime!
should i go with them fetch him at the airport?
haha... BATAS... lolx.

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