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Thursday, December 08, 2005

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hehehehe.... anu ba ang problema kung... mataba?? --ayon sa kanta.

i was chuckling to death when geran gave me the chance to hear it in his mp3... i was so curious then, kasi i remembered hearing it in barkada trip... oh i think it was. binibining seksi...!

a must see movie!

after i have posted that recent shocking entry i had, my friends dixie, diane, madie (but madie wasn't able to come with us though...) and i watched this at the gateway mall cineplex 10. (first-time ko manood don ahoy wag ka...) we thought we were watching rowling's harry potter and the goblet of fire, but then we all agreed to settle on the movie of our own... yeabah pinoy. haha. you better watch this movie. really a must-see movie. the point of not watching it isn't because maxi was gay and you hate seeing gay people... it really shows in here the other side of pinoy life... the REAL one i could say. in the beginning you could here the cue instrumental of pepe smith's whaka-naka guitar chords followed by yoyoy villame's funny song about his undying loyalty to his c-howntry Philippines. as in hindi pa ko nakakatagal ng sampung minuto sa sinehan, i was dying of laughter... but of course, it wasn't just mere laughing and oooh-ing there, you know... as what it says, "ganda, tamis at pait ng unang pag-ibig."

you see, gay pre-teen maxi's world revolved only to his family composing of his papa, who sells snatched 'big-time' celphones, and his kuyas boy and bogs. he's in the circle of a small-time criminal family. he then cooks for them, wash their underwear, cleans the house, like the real 'sister' material to them. he even covers their tracks of them so they wouldn't get caught by the law. until he met victor perez, a handsome, idealistic and a man -full-of-principle policeman. he befriends with him, and eventually victor taught maxi to the brighter side of good living. it inspires maxi to look on a better life then... and being placed into a decision of to which side he values the most. his love for his family, or, of course, victor.

too much of this. all i can say is that, this movie shows what a real pinoy setting is at. walang pagkukunwari. lahat, totoo. kahit mga pagmumura nila, you will think na hindi yon movie. it's like you're secretly peeping into their hidden cam all over the house, the street and leaving you questionning yourself in the end. you got to watch it...!

bukas, chicken little naman... syet wala na kong money!! ^__^

i, soon will vanish... and before you'll notice me, i'm on my way out.

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