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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: sleepy... ] ]
[ [ u t a :: Suntok Sa Buwan (acoustic) ~Session Road ] ]

some of my thoughts were left untold... last week my cousin kuya rolan arrived from Chicago. he was chosen i think to be sent there by their company that instaead of 5 months, he stayed there for about 7 or 8 months still... anyway, he arrived having with him my present. a 256MB mp3 player for my post birthday... onii-chan got rubber shoes as well as my other cousins... kuya rolan's siblings mhean and ate belen got theirs too... mhean got a cool wristwatch while kuya said ate will going to have her rubber shoes too, once his package arrives...

as i was copying mp3s from my mp3 player, and at the same time taking glances on the tv (pbb), i suddenly remembered that i need to compile my philosophy notes for tomorrow's finals. thank God i was one of those students who completed the attendance. as an incentive, we're taking the final exam with open notes--plus!--we're going to be one rank higher to our final grade. she'll be deducting a 0.25 grade in our total grade, imagine!! meaning, if i got a grade of 2.00 in philo5, then i could get 1.75 all in all! hahaha!

umiinit na ang diskusyon. cge...

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