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Thursday, September 22, 2005

[ [ k a n j i t e :: regaining my hopes and... argh. AJA nalang. ] ]
[ [ u t a :: shiny red balloon ~barbie's cradle ] ]

i was riding on the train a while ago.. (well, i always do...) carrying all my things, depressingly looking at my floor plans... look, i got tired, fed up, almost my brain twisted with all those sleepless nights, even restless days of hardwork... and then all you got to get was a f*cking 78 grade (equivalent to 2.75 after all). but then that was super ... CRUEL!!! like i wanted to curse him! yeah. you could say i got a "passing" grade... but when you've come to think of it, this i nothing to be proud of. see, others got worse than i had. he'll surely have his day...

anyway back to my story... yun nga.. i was riding then... i was in V. Mapa station when suddenly a woman from behind started to ask me if i did the boards... (my plates are moounted on a 20x30 illustration board of 4.. quite big huh..) i said yes, and got quite uneasy...she smiled at me an told me she had a daughter who's in 5th year now, also in ust--architecture. i can't help but to utter the word 'wow'(!) in her face and smiled. i told the woman, that sure her child really had a tough time with her professors and weekly budget. (like i am feeling right now) 'yes, she does', the woman said, but she told me that she too was a graduate of architecture as well and her husband too! then again, i can't help but to feel intrigued, and then even though she was a total stanger to me i managed to ask more of her private life--in a nice and slow way that in return she's gladly answering. she didn't take the board exam in her time though, and just reasoned that her husband is an architect na.

she told me a lot of encouragements, and then afterwards praising my work, making me go all red... (geez) then my nerved stuck to a quote i solemnly believed... "na kapag sumuko ako, ako rin ang talo..." (how inspriring! bleah!) she totally agreed with me... and then again keeping on cheering me up... thank to her i gained my hopes and my creative imagination to start again...

we both said our good byes at cubao station, as she wishes good lucks on me i hand her my deepest appreciation. she was a very nice person... AND! you know what makes me admire her more? though she didn't use the knowledge she got from her chosen field, she has still gotten in a related profesion..

she is a Cartographer...

damn! FYI, Cartography is one of my dreamed passion and being a frustated b__yl__t! ... argh. hulaan mo.. :))

got to go now... btw, if you're gonna ask me how i got to ue my "disabled" letters, (the line in my keyboard starting from F1, w, s, and x aren't... LUCKILY working... duh..) ... haha... it's a secret.

whew! i got tired copying and pasting them... that's it!! bummer.

i need to finish this... uh... opening prayer for later's seminar. haha. it's my turn now... wish me luck.

keeping still...

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