Saturday, June 25, 2005

^* i am feeling: empty... emotionless but a heavy feeling inside... *^
^* currently listening to: I Miss You So Much ~TLC *^

hmm... i remember, yesterday i signed up and renewed my membership at my org', UAPSA. then i applied for the UAPSA staffer, and the screening would be by the first week of july. wish me luck!

i can't tell my thoughts tonight. it's like i'm between in fires... fires that slowly fade. not that i'm tired of fighting and listening to what things should come out and shoudn't be, but if you come to realize, you risk one important element in your life when you entered a more serious relationship.

and then i would ask myself, am i that friend they really need? i sobbed at the fact that i can't explain what feeling should take place... i never imagine that this time would come in their lives. you know, i've known them to be strong, as they endure all the hardships they are facing... and then all of a sudden, you would not expect that this day... would be an earth shaking scenario for the both.

ito lang tatandaan nyo... no matter what happens, im still here for the both of you guys...

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