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Monday, June 27, 2005

^* i am feeling: pain in my thigh part, but over all happy! ^____^ *^
^* currently listening to: When Love And Hate Collide ~Def Leppard *^

no words could tell what i have in mind right now. swear, i almost deleted that first sentence i have just typed, just thinking of what exact and appropriate words to define what i feel. haha, it's just that i felt happy. yes. tired, but then, worth tiring...

after we finished the 11-12noon mass a while ago and our lunch, i attended the ragna fest at the world trade center in manila. cool, i say... there i saw albert and his blockmates, who lately got into RO too... finally i saw guildmates danica and rich, their new recruit veej, ysma and ayin... and, hehe, of course eman, arthur, carlo and his siblings were there too. i enjoyed a lot, but hey, i'm still shy towards them. (maybe i stick to the reason that it's the very first time that i met them)... ^__^ too bad daryl wasn't with them... and shyla and pao...

bert met me at the entrance, and accompanied me on how to fill up and get registered with those stuff. then we got inside the convention, and watched a single match... then all of us went to have a group pic sana, but then no one had brought a camera (no not a cam phone ayt?) a real manual camera, that's what i'm saying... anyway, we still got pics, and of that sumo poring match with bert. haha! that was really hilarious! i didn't won to bert, but he did gave me his prize. a notepad! i said to him that i'll just get a half of it, but when he's about to divide it, we found out that the thing that binds them would lose all of it. in the end, he gave the pad to me. (thanks!)

so what else had happened? eman does a lot of teasing, i must say! but then i do really have a great and a comfy company with you. (naks!) well, actually, all of them who came. danix said that they really waited for me. (i'm sorry!) hmm... i remember, bert said that they arrived at WTC before noontime... nakakahiya ako! hahaha! >.<

eman and the others left the convention by past three. so that leaves albert and i, and carlo, who was with his sister and his cousin. sitted on the floor, bert and i waited and watched the cosplay before decided to go home. we laughed so hard at the cosplayers!!! one participant portrayed as whisper! really laughing our hearts out! my stomach aches because of nonstop laughing! and then another guy cosplayed a baphomet! ok na sana e, but that bapho was a thin one! super funny! i was, on the other hand, impressed with some cosplayers who DID portray dancers... hey! another funny scene-- a gay cosplayer crossdressed himself as a dancer!! the audience were hooting and all, he's really funny!! sobra talaga!! i was amazed, one girl really moves like a real dancer, and another, i saw a real life rogue costume. she's so cute. and lastly, i was really fascinated and admired the ones who portrayed evil druid and bloody knight. bet, they really find hard time in doing their costume though..

i bought souvenirs from the convention! i was upset, the devi hat was a total sold out! so, i just bought a mouse pad. i also albert one though he insisted not to. anyway, he bought me a pin and gave that notepad... isa pa, hindi ko pa sya nalilibre... ^__^

after the cosplay, we decided to go home. albert has to go to mass, since he hasn't gone for his exam held at the morning, and another tomorrow... we took a ride at the mrt-- and oh! again. albert, im sorry about your ticket! anyway, i hope you had a safe trip!

that doesn't stop there. when i got out from the station, my friend rayjohn saw me. i remember he treated me last time,... God is good, and I'm also good, (laughs devilishly!) so i decided to treat him, kahit isang zagu grande lang... ^__^ i accompanied him bought cd at odyssey, since he said that whenever he's depressed, he bought one. (yaman huh!)

i got a little scold by my mom when i got home. hindi ko kasi napaalam na i'll drop by at the gateway once i got arrived from WTC... naubusan ako ng load e! pero ngayon ok na.

whoa... naka-aeRo na rin ako... man... adik na ulit! gee... gulay talaga!

til then...

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