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Saturday, June 04, 2005

journal, i was so annoyed a while ago! eh stupid din naman kasi ako, sabi ko na kahapon upon enrollment i would avail another pair of uniform and another blouse! damn, eh di sana hindi ako mapupurgang mag-antay til the classes starts. kulang na kasi pera ko pangdown.
so, all of my journey to school was a total waste. sa sobrang inis ko, i head myself to an internet cafè i knew and play RO. yah, my friend jomar asked me a favor if i could tank his merchant using my knight. eh nag-enroll nga rin pala sya kanina, the sad part is hindi ko sya nakita sa school. eh di sana sabay kami umuwi... oh well...
sa laro, i waited for jomar. he texted me that he'll eat lunch first. ok. then i saw guildmates rich and daryl online. akala ko mga bot, i asked them. and to my surprise they replied. haha, i was using pEaRL_dRagoN then... tas check ko muna ung dancer. there in the guild i saw albert's bard online too... haha, mapuans' free time! sumama ako sa adventure nila. before we are only four from the party--I, using my acolyte (i used bes pao's account), albert's bard, daryl's acolyte too and rich's archer. GH kami. mga ilang minutes (or hour) pa, bert invited some players na nasa gh din. dumami kami. rich used eman's priestess kasi mas kelangan. then after that, i saw carlo's hunter on our party, tas ayun, the fun rises more nung nakita ko nalang dumating na rin sina danix and eman using her (danix) priestess and his (eman) priest, respectively.
wahehe, dami kong dedo points, sitting-gaining-sp points at 'freezing' points sa frost joke ni bert. hilarious! ngayon lng ulit kami nagsama-sama as a team, well, except for others who weren't present: shyla, pao, arthur and kiko... cguro mas todo saya pa kung kasama sila. RO was really the ease for my previous school annoyance. buti nalang may mga mababait akong guildmates. thank you. meow!
ngayon ko masasabi at napatunayan... na nasa mapua institute of technology ang hometown ng mga RO adiks!!! hahahahaha!! yebah mo!

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