Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm a total sucker for letting that moment pass when Beauty and the Beast was screened here in Singapore, due to a couple of reasons and unexpected events happened at that time. I couldn't sulk for more, so I'd rather talk about my thoughts on the recent sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy. I've waited for this, just as probably you did.

I'd say, the cast ensemble made it to be perfectly ambitious for having stars like Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone on board. To me, they could've had someone else to play their respective parts but, sure, having them was a delight to see, making me feel that the movie budget was probably, indeed huge.

The premise of the film is basically Peter Quill's (Starlord) sudden encounter with his extra-terrestrial father named Ego and was set for them to be reunited, eventually causing a rather bigger conflict that might destroy the whole galaxy. Blending in to the story is the rapport of Starlord's relationship with his crew members, his growing romantic affinity with Gamora, also with Gamora's sibling love-hate relationship with Nebula, and also Starlord's relationship with his foster father, Yondu. 

I'm overall fascinated with the thought of the former enemies teaming up to defeat one solid evil, but you know so well that just as how solid evil that was, something or someone has to give up his/her existence. I'm not gonna spoil so much about this though, but yes, it was hard to fathom that one of the coolest characters of this franchise would be his last appearance. But then again, that probably makes the whole thing remarkable, right?

the official poster

Comedic side wise, I think I am satisfied. I laughed just as hard as the first part because, for those of you know, I am easy to please. :) I have to give credit for Batista's acting and trying to make the viewers laugh more than ever. Well... although, there are some scenes that I thought could be improved a little more, like how Yondu's earlier days with Quill were, or how Nebula and Gamora started this sibling rivalry, even more so the premise where and when Groot met Rocket.

The official soundtrack has yet again an awesome ensemble of tracks, and it was cool whenever you think that this movie has gotten probably one of the best OSTs, ever.

Also, what amazes me and what I found cool with this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing is the idea of Marvel's prominent creator, Stan Lee cameo appearing to almost all movies, and made some fans gather and think if it was all part of some big project revelation about who Stan is in the universe. The imagination of the fans and critics to his random appearances and how he ended up becoming an informant to the Watchers somehow left this clue... that he might be playing something so vital... who knows?

I'd probably go and watch Captain America: Civil War again and see it for myself. :)

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