Wednesday, November 19, 2008

help nyo naman ako, i really wanted to report this hudlom who stole our dear kitten. YES. Rose Tattoo was "Catnapped" last Sunday...


Matiwasay na kumakain si Rose Tattoo last sunday morning nang kunin nya ito at binitbit sa likod na parang plastic bag. I have my cousin to support the fact that it was HIM, the cruel neighbor of ours who did that. Rose and Sam kasi usually had this "Morning Bonding Session" sa may laundry area namin sa labas, and in there they loiter around near the main gate of our compound. We never had any single thought that somebody would play pranks on cats just like that. I mean, ang lakas ng trip pumatol sa kuting. Jay, my nephew even gave their lunch meals and was happy to see that she's eating well. He never thought that it would be the last he could ever see Rose. :(

My cousin naman went around past 12 noon to fetch us since we were all going to TriNoMa in the afternoon. She wasn't living here so she never saw the guy who killed Anne, [Rose's cat mama] and it so happened that she met him down the road. She was having second thoughts if it was really our white and peachy-oranged headed kitten, that time when she happened to encountered that evil guy in the corner of the street, thus holding Rose like a plastic bag nga. So when she arrived here, Ate Belen asked us if Rose was there, but was already missing and that, Jay tried to run if he could make the guy stop in time.

Mom wanted to confront our neighbor as in right at that time, but she can't kasi may sakit sya nun. And up to now all she can do was to recover fast and do the talking as one of her major agendas to make.

Nakakainis, pag naaalala ko swear nadedepress ako. wala na ko kalaro... wala na ko makukulit. wala nang lalambing sa paa ko pag hihingi sya ng gatas. AHHHH SHIT NADEDEPRESS NA NAMAN AKO!! Tsk.. depressing... depressing......

AAAAAAAHHH SH*T TALAGA, KINGINAMIX KA NEIGHBOR!!! KUP*L KA! if there's a way i could report this sa animal welfare, please let me know the numbers.

I'd definitely miss this fellow... :(

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