Rose Tattoo

Sunday, September 28, 2008

you don't have to do such horrible things, man... you'll suffer the consequence.

Our family is indeed, close to and love by domesticated animals. I think everybody is. I was saddened way back years ago when we were still new in this house [we used to live kasi 2 streets away from where we are situated here in Cubao] our late landlady won't allow pets in her vicinity. But then after she died and her sister took her place, things get lighter than the usual. We had an instant pet whose main purpose is to mainly deal with the house rats, tand hat we just borrowed it from my uncle, na several houses away from us. Until the time the number of pesters were lessened to almost nothing, the cat was now used as to how we live. He became as well an instant member of the household. That is then when my mom decided to name the peachy-orange colored cat, Sam. [named after Sam Milby haha].

Sam has been with us for two years now. Hehe. My uncle let Sam be in our care since he doesn't want to go back to them, plus they gained a Piolo. [another stray cat they adopted]. We even had the moment when we tried to lure him far on our compound; still, you can see him in front of our door, purring.  Recently, he met a white cat in the street who passed by, and the two gone inseparable.We suspected that it was his girlfriend [and later on, wife]. We got fond of them, and finally named the whitey, Anne [patterned to Anne Curtis hahaha]. Those two feline creatures were really so into purring love. hahaha. After a while we found out, Anne has a little kitten. My mom suspected it could be Sam and Anne's kitten, as the kitten's tail and ears exactly as Sam's color. We still haven't named the kitten yet until last week... and so the real story begins.

While I was away toasting my skin underneath the sun's kiss in the hundred, [thousand --added Ryan Sulit] islands of Alaminos, some incident happened in our compound. It is not something life-threatening but you could consider it as one, if you are concerned about one's life.

Anne has been murdered.

Murdered?  Oo, as in pinatay. I could have been quite shock if Anne was just carelessly crossing the street, but she was, actually, murdered! The only question that popped out in my head was, "WHO?!" It was then my mom sadly told me that the bastard who killed Anne was a part of our compound-hood, someone i rarely see. The reason was too literally f*cking nonsense: 'some stray white cat wandered around his plants, claiming the cat's eating it'. He killed Anne by hitting and hitting her something very hard to the death. He's really a mad man. A HORRIBLE MAN.

A few days after that cruel incident, mom told me, that Karma is fast in paying back. That old fart horrible neighbor of ours fractured his whole body by a large table that was fallen  onto him. Revenge was quite sweet though, but still he could never erase the damn fact that he killed an animal, a total nuisance to the law. Patulan ba naman ang pusa sinong matutuwa??

Up to now i still haven't got to encounter that man, but swear if i could I will shoot him sharp stares to the death as well! kinginamix nya talaga...!!!

I felt sorry and pitiful to her and Sam's kitten. My cousin let the kitten in our house and named her, Rose. Why Rose?

abby: kuya, bakit Rose?
kuya ogie: hehehe... la lang.
abby: ???
mama: eh kasi yung nanay nya si Anne diba.
Si Anne na ex nya. yan si Rose Tattoo.
abby: [in total confusion] ...???!?!?!
mama: hay nako. slow.

That's when i remembered, Rose was my cousin's current girlfriend.
pinangalan sa mga pusa ang mga howe ampota... hahaha. sabaw.

so, eto si Rose Tattoo. :)

cute nya no? hehehe. knock-down sa sapatos ng utol ko haha

Bakit may, Tattoo ang Rose Tattoo? eh wala naman syang tattoo?
bah, malay. :)

in the first place, hindi ko pa na-check kung girl sya talaga. hahahaha.

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