Suki Dakara

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

See you later, we waved our hands
the figure of your back is already like that,
swaying, it becomes small in the evening wave of people

The words you gave me, one by one
remembering them, I closed my eyes
even though only the happy thoughts should be here
I become uneasy, I wonder why my heart quivers

I want to tell you more, these feelings overflowing like that
because I love you, because I love you
because I absolutely love you

Turning around and running off
I want to go and chase after you but
the loneliness of evening swallowed that kind of courage

Within your smiling face, I am there
just a little bit separated
it’s like I’ve become a lost child, about to cry
if I were docile, I could live even without these kind of feelings

Only an empty me exists here, crying out
because I love you, because I love you
because I absolutely love you

-i just maintained the title in its real japanese name. heartwarming ang melody ng song na yan, kaya naman 'di ko napigilang isali dito. and when i found out the english translation, na-inlab na naman ang lola mo... haha. nagdrop by ka na rin lang sa blog ko... listen to the song na rin kahit isa lang. it really soothes, and gives me the creeps at the same time. why creepy? basta... me kung anong kumakabog effect sa lungs ko eh, siguro sa bass ng speaker o me sakit na ko kakagawa ng schemes... haha. hahaha. enjoy

Suki Dakara (Because I love you)
by Izumi Katou
credits to for the
song and lyrics

from the anime series: Bokura Ga Ita (We Were There)
you may watch the anime too!

click on the file below. playable sya.

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