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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this past few weeks i have been submerged into the thinking of myself not thinking the actions that i do. like what he's telling me, "think carefully first before doing something", it was the least thing on my mind to follow. its as if maybe i was chasing for my common sense to nowhere, or maybe im just this plain stupid or worst, my brain could actually now be the size of a nut.

and now that i was merely getting into the nerves of being noted like i don't have a brain or someone so stupid and nut-headed, i have come up to gather the things i have learned today:

-if it was not intended for you to be told, shut up.
-do not interfere with someone else's butt
-be the hell focused on your own stuff
-speak when someone wants to know what's on your mind, sleep if you feel like they won't bother
-don't act as if you know-it-all type
-better to eavesdrop than to say your ideas which in the end can be the end of your life.

funny, but it seems like i have gotten to restrain my stubborn self to mess up things i am not being told to mess up for.

i don't know now who exactly at this point in time can define really what i am feeling now, rather, who exactly knows what i am feeling or thinking or even the way i see things around me now. i had a hint 46 days ago that this can happen to me... that someone will claim that i've changed but to me its a different type of perspective. i may be as heartless as a stone these past few days but nobody asked me if i really like overdoing things. then ill just ignore it and just do my part and all. and then again, nobody will ask me why...

tama pala talaga yung kasabihan... wag ka nalang mangaral kung ikaw mismo hindi mo isinasabuhay... yahooo

haha, tama nga nga to, dudugo na ilong ko... breadtalk nalang baka sakaling bumenta.

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