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Monday, August 06, 2007

okay so what did i do in the last couple of days?

after his work last saturday, me and pandie went to the gateway cinemas to watch the simpsons! we even had a hard time deciding if we're going to watch it or ratatouille instead... but both films were only an hour and a half, plus i wanna laugh the best parts of the movie with him, so finally we settled on homer's crowd and done! we even saw a 3d model of the simpsons family outside the movie house you can even sit with them and take a shot with them! cool than the posters geran, me and jc were dying to pose with for, [ and the donut is way cuter in 3d guys ] the first time i watched it.

after that we went to sm to buy a pair of shoes... after that we went to tokyo-tokyo for dinner and even saw myla pascua with somebody [ maybe his boyfriend] after us... anyway... then we went straight home and done.

yesterday was a bit tiring. they woke me up to accompany my uncle to go fetch the materials they bought for windows in our future house in antipolo [ yep!! way farther than the halilis hahahaha!] grabe mamumundok na rin ako! they were planning to moved out by the end of this year... so... babay cubao...

ever since i was born, my heart feels im closer with everything when i am in cubao. really. i feel i have all the accesses to all parts of the metro. i never imagine myself going away to the place i was born, i schooled, i hang out and most of everything that i do for the past 20 years.  surely i will miss everything!

anyway, there are also plans that my tita will going to stay here [ cos her business is in the food court of the market] and my brother works at east ave, so we might as well stay pa rin, and come up into deciding of going home to antipolo on weekends. bisitahin nyo ko ha! hahahaha

and so, after those tiring antipolo trip, i took a nap for about an hour and then kuya aris came. again, with my sole problem, which causes me a lot of depression the past week, which is our desktop [ currently i am in the laptop ]... then denis arrived too, and all of us went to the gateway mall in search of kuya aris' walk in slippers for work. after that he treated us in starbucks and then went to F&H but then it closes, kaasar! as in we're panicking for shopping til the last minute. luckily they have hought the things they really need.

and just a while ago, my father was again leaving the country to work... and i was, you know, sad again coz i might deny it but ill miss him scolding me [chuckles] and ill miss him keeping me reminding of things... to think and to analyze. really, it has been hard if he's away from us in special occassions like christmas and mom's birthday but i really lhave nothing to do to stop it because its the only way i could still enjoy the greatness of education and comfort of a family. so might as well strive in for more in school diba... kaya, guys do me a favor to help me pray for his safe journey to London... haha,

 papa ill miss you!! *hugs* *kisses*

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