NA-tag na naman ako dahil sayo, tan geran...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i tag you:  jc garcia, dar, gel, kalai, cams, kamil, tomas [oo ikaw!] and shyla!!! ang d gawin to, KJ forever!!!!!!!!

ANG RULES DAW E    write 10 F.Y.I's about yourself then tag 8 people in your network..hehe sa inyong walo ang ndi gumawa kJ! :P branded na yan!wahahahaha..

at dahil uto-uto ako, sige papatulan ko na ang kasiyahan...

1. aside from rambutan, i seldom eat... apples. wala lang. hindi ako PRO sa quotation na, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away..." eh apple kaya has lot of caffeine content than coffee?! o well, not really an apple-enthusiast. pero sa ngayon i am learning to drink C2 apple... nawawala yung C2 green e. yeah.

2. whenever i hear the song "Close to You" by the carpenters, there's this annoying feeling [oo talaga] in me that eventually my eyes end up producing teardrops.

3. naging subject din ako ng lost and found when i was 6?... and my mom was really hysterically in search for me. yung as in grabe... buong neighborhood na ang nagpapanic pero ako nakikipaglaro sa classmate ko sa kabilang bahay. the weird thing is umabot na dun yung "search-for-the-lost-abby" brigade, and yet hindi sinabi ng papa ng classmate ko na nandun ako. kidnapper ba sya? haaaay... grabe talaga... and that's the first time i saw my mom cry...

4. i like the feeling of looking down the street, or anything below when as for me i am 6 feet higher or even higher pa than that [wag mo lang sana ako itulak]

5. i don't believe in the saying "practice makes perfect." haha... wala lang, i never learned to appreciate that quote.

6. i have a major phobia to spiders and... crabs. ask my brother dear about it... [grrr]

7. i'm used to DIARIES nung high school. yeah, yung notebook-notebook thingy, but minus the lock naman.. and my diary isn't the normal one. well, my diary is actually a living person, up to now... hehehe... she even replies to my entries back then and hindi pa uso ang blogging nun...  hehehe... confused ka no? and vice-versa, i am THE DIARY of my own DIARY. hahaha. manigas ka sa confusion

8. haha, cge... fan ako ng sailormoon dati. hehehehe! yeah jc!!

9. believe it or not, i am a quiapo-goer every friday...

10. utang ko lahat ang kasiyahan at contentment sa buhay ngayon sa ragnarok. :)

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