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Friday, August 03, 2007

i woke up from dreamland about 6:30am a while ago, thinking i could sign up for today's registration thingy in the city hall. goodness! kaya pala pati high school kasama kasi it was noted that ages 15-17y/o are the only ones allowed to register. kakainis! i was with albert kanina [he has a lil issue regarding on his voting stuff last time so he had to work on it], after his graveyard shift. he forgot to have his B.C. [it is the requirement] so we went first to his house, gave morning greetings to tita [his mom] and head off to the city hall, only to find out----syetmanaks!!! walang kwenta!!! i was still sleepy back then, ano pa sya diba? o instead of goofing around, we separate ways for him to return to his home and sleep.

now, after i took a nap [for about 5 hours whoa!] i am alone in the house coz mom and dad went to divi to buy dvds and other stuff i didn't bother to ask. dad will be leaving the country by the weekend or monday next week. i am sad because you may not know i am missing my dad when he's away... sometimes when he's scolding me i know he's making 'lambing' to me at the same time. he is a happy person full of principles... but then that principles sometimes i  haven't got. haha ewan... sometimes i think ever since i started entering arki, my brain is going defective. hehehe.. no one will ever know til you see this page. so that is why i am carefully using my brain now.

lalalalalalala, i am alone in the house: depressed of my sick desktop... darn, i am even lazy to start my current design plate. but hey hey. i had a short dream of it when i  took a nap! and slowly.... slowly...!! i am gaining my voluntary desire to start the thing!! yeah baby!

enough on the drama lane... WORK!!! wORK oRKW rKWO kWOR WORK!!! all these papetiks-petiks will give you nothing but payback time on the deadline!!! i am telling you---- no!!! i am telling myself!!!! putangena, impress the world!!!! syet.

next thing i wanna learn: how to read newspapers

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