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Sunday, July 29, 2007

ENJOY ANG PALABAS NA TO! at the centerstage in the mall of asia last night, i wanted to thank jc, beng at geran sa company, sa laughter at sa lahat! ang tindi, last full show! pero nakakainis pa rin ang mga "may sakit" kagabi, dahil don nahawa ako! waaaaaaaa...

and of course i wanted to apologize to pandie... sorry po ulit kung nag-alala ka... na-overdo ko na naman ang sarili ko...reckless, careless! i am so sorry if i made you mad for going home so late, pero like what i've said, ang plastic ko naman if i don't say i enjoyed the film. but promise when we try to watch again, yung tipong makakauwi ako before cinderella time.

so ayun nga, the film is nice and funny! tama si kiko sa kinuwento nya about it. though its only an hour and a half, astig pa rin! pandie, i wanna watch it again with you! wag ka na sana umangal hahahaha... i was so happy tom hanks was also there portraying as himself! aliw! pati green day! haha

kaya nga pala donut ang O jan sa movie kase..... hahahaha manood ka nalang!

da da da
da da da da
da da da
dadadada!! yeah!!

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