the best and the worst

Friday, June 22, 2007

a lot of things happened... sobra! wala ako masabe... pero eto nalang.

the bests:

1) i was able to go to quiapo to go to mass. i had the blessing with holy water with pandie...
2) even before that i went somewhere fun :)
3) i took a bath twice.
4) we ate @ congo grille and
5) we did had fun on bowling instead of watching fantastic 4 (!)
6) i finally get the chance to hop in geran's car with him driving.
7) i had fun with my college dabarkads.. of course.
8) i technically cut the class for PLN 1. hahaha (useless prex)

(drumroll please)
the worsts:

1) i got late with everything
2) money shortage
3) i still haven't watched fantastic 4 up to now... :(
4) i got two flanks (curses as what we call) in bowling.
5) darn traffic
6) i haven't attended the PLN 1 class... (so shameful)
7) my boyfriend got mad
8) i got sad
9) all the happiness stuff wiped off
10) i sobbed...

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