give me a break!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

its maundy thursday and, hahaha, im off to pampanga.

during the
past years, we always go to my father's birthplace to spend the holy
week in san simon. but because we all know that the clearance day was
just last tuesday, i am not able to come with my mom. so i've decided
to have a trip on my own--at this very day.

and so then i found
out that my cousins also wanted to spend the weekend there. yehey, may
kasabay na ko pauwi... adventure na naman ito!

every good friday
we go to san pedro kutod to watch cenakulos and people who voluntarily
nail themselves to the cross like Jesus. and because i am quite lucky
than the previous years i have gone there, i am now equipped with
helpful modern gadgets. i am so hopeful we could really watch it again
and come back in the metro with... hahaha.


i'm off now! may you guys find the best places to reflect, this lenten
season. and also, may you do some little offerings, slash little
sacrifices even just for this moment. give yourselves a break.

Advance Happy Easter! come back soon...


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