11th dramaness

Saturday, December 09, 2006

parang nung isang entry lang, pang-ilan...? waw...

i would like to extend my appreciation to my one and only. naks...

things between us is getting us even stronger. thanks for not quitting up for me. for putting so much love and love and love. thanks for the trust you've shown and gave me through the months. thanks pare, for making me happy, and for the sadness. thank you for giving me strength to catch up things, for lifting my spirit, for brightening up my ruined moments. thanks for the patience, for the care, for the treats, for the visits, fetches,... everything!

thanks for giving me the chance to be with you, for me to love and value who you are, and for me to show you who i am when the stage lights are off... dramaaa! hahaha!

thanks, for loving me too.

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