sick + courses cleared + HS intrams 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"huh? may sakit ka, 'by?"

darn... i am sick. yes. i realized i felt and looked like ill when just yesterday, ate vangie, the owner of the mini convenience store few blocks away from our house told me those words. i gloomily confirmed it and luckily gave me the "fita" biscuits mom was craving for. man, it was really obvious. hay, what was so nice having a cold and a cough? my throat is damn itchy.(sneezes.) maybe santa is really coming to town... labo. >_< i have taken OTC (over the counter) medicines for the last three hours, yet i don't seem to notice any changes. waaa.... where's the tissue?!?! in other news... i just got... lucky? i love 1st semesters!!

huweee! that is my clearance sheet. yes pare!

after getting the clearance in ust, rayjohn and i went to our high school intramurals. it was fun, seeing old friends and teachers. nic, madie, joma, mim, glenda, alvin and jao were there too!

as usual, nic, my friend made our day with his gags and teacher bloopers during our days. it was really hilarious. i could cry laughing out loud! hahaha... maybe that's why my cold has gotten worse. yarrr... too bad i haven't got any picture to brag about a while ago but the teachers wanted us back for tomorrow since the intrams is a week-long event... they wanted us (or just nic--because he is so funny!) to come back tomorrow because they wanted to laugh more... oh i thought after getting my yearbook was the last day i'll be going to see Immaculate. but i was wrong... homecoming isn't bad though as i imagine.

maybe tomorrow i'll be bringing along my digi... camwhoring na naman ito! =))

the rain poured heavy but nothing beats last monday's experience. maybe that's why i got a cold right now...

time for me to rest! pray for me guys!

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