Sunday, August 20, 2006

i have just finished replying on my friend Daryl's LJ entry... hope she had the time to look up on it.

i am insane. I AM INSANEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

this is bad... it was too late for me to found out that our CONCEPT BOARD in our airport thinymajigy is a FREEHAND ONE!!!! to my excitement and out-of-inspiration-to-get-a-high-grade, i printed all the texts in the computer and pasted it! HOY!!! call me gaga and all, but mind you, mine's presentable!! besides, my evolution of plans, are still in freehand... and the rest. it's just that my concept board that..... DARN IT!!!!!!! i suck!!! waaaahhh..

but then i'll prepare myself for a minus... T_T...

heyhey!! if you come to think of it, i know freehand concepts did exert effort. but how about me? editting and revising all of it took me hours! pasting it and making it an organized presentation--who's to get a low mark? was it still me?

and i hate her... she hasn't have any mercy... and even the smallest consideration... she DID got hurt by some of our abusive classmates... (fine, i'll include myself too.) and we're totally apologizing for it... wth, but not on torturing us to this kind of thing as her vengeance part!!! we're the sole section submitting our own plates on TUESDAY!!! while the rest of the batch would be next week!?!? (i heard, some-some are in september pa!) isn't that super-FUN!!!?!!? (sarcastic) isn't that super sweet too? (more sarcastic)

and umay sa gulay, i am still typing my stupid thoughts in this blog!! i have to go back to work!!!

darn it... darn it...

hahaha, he had still never forgets good old abbey. kaka-touch naman... ^_^
(clicky for a larger view.)

i am tempted to run, so what if i die tired? labo. >_<

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